Refurbishment of 18th century barn in curtilage of 17th century house

18th century barn refurbishment and repair

West Sussex

Refurbishment and repair and reconstruction of historic roof to a former cart barn dating from the 18th century.  The barn has suffered from the loss of its roof and modern, unsympathetic alterations.  These have rendered the building barely recognisable as a heritage asset, resulting in it having a negative impact on the setting of the grade II listed building adjacent to it and the broader landscape of the National Park.

Proposals seek to reinstate the roof in accordance with the building’s original construction, as evident in the remaining timber-frame. This will restore the building’s historic form and character and in turn enhance the setting of the listed building. The structural repairs and new roof are to be constructed in oak using traditional methods and covered in hand-made clay tiles. A specialist historic timber-frame consultant and conservation engineer assisted in detailing the reconstruction.

As part of the works, the barn will partly enclose a new outdoor swimming pool. This has been designed to create minimal impact in the landscape, with muted tiles and reduced paving.

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