Supporting Children on the Edge’s early childhood development education

Rather than sending Christmas cards this year, we are supporting Children on the Edge, a Chichester based child rights organisation that works hand-in-hand with communities to support some of the world’s most marginalised children, in some of the toughest situations. 

They currently work with more than 16,000 children in Bangladesh, India, Uganda, Myanmar and Lebanon creating conditions where children can flourish and thrive. 

This winter Children on the Edge is expanding crucial early childhood development education for the youngest refugee children in Kyaka II refugee camp. 

Uganda is host to the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world as thousands flee conflict and human rights abuses in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo. 15,000 Congolese refugee children now have little chance of accessing early education and care. 

Children on the Edge’s learning centres are full, with huge waiting lists, so they’re introducing a new way to reach as many of these children as possible. With trained teachers, in small weekly groups, children will learn under trees, in homes and in shared community spaces, while parents are trained to inspire daily learning at home. The hope is that in this way, thousands more children can start to build healthy foundations for their futures. 

Children on the Edge says “By the time a child is five, 90% of their brain has developed; so early years learning and care is absolutely crucial to how children can grow and thrive. [This] donation is an investment at the start of a child’s life which changes the whole story”.